Genie Script Review (Wesley Virgin) Real Program That Works 2023 Update

You’re ready to change your life. You’ll feel so much better in yourself! You deserve all the good things in life! It can seem out of reach most times because your dream life seems far from reach, but don’t give up!

Dreams are incredible, but they don’t manifest themselves. When you want something so badly, that it seems like it must be meant to be, there’s a good chance that it will happen in some form or another.

The Genie Script is a manifestation program that gives its users access to their inner genius. Once activated, the Genie Script reveals the unique skills, talents, abilities, resources, and knowledge available to you.

You can now sit back and relax, as this fantastic program is designed to help you create anything that you can imagine.

Genie Script

About the Creator of The Genie Script

Wesley Virgin was an entrepreneur, who got his start by using innovative and imaginative ways to grow his business. This is one reason he’s made billions.

At this moment in time, the company’s total income has surpassed $50 million. That means they’ve made over $4 million in revenue every month. Last year, their annual revenues were just over $30 million.

Wesley Virgin, an independent tycoon, credits mind hacks to his prosperity accomplishment. He permits him to transform enterprising thoughts into life and he is likewise the maker of Virgin Media located in Houston, Texas. He has an after of more than 1,000,000 individuals, and he had the choice to make a profound $30 million out of a solitary year through his online advancement as an influencer and promoting wellness items; he is ceaselessly engaged with offering to help hopeful business people in changing their possibly limited outlooks.

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Genie Script – How does it work ?

Genie Script is the only program to guide you to wake up your conscious and unconscious mind to think and do the same to achieve what you always deserve.

You can discover the unique success meditation and manifestation secrets to achieve a better financial, emotional, and mental state effortlessly.

Here you can discover how to meditate consistently with the effect of using “Unusual Soothing Sound” for 30 days to manifest unlimited money, health, wellness, success, and all your dreams into reality.

Doing meditation will change your mindset instantly and allow you to feel inner peace with a clear mind.

Start using this unique meditation technique, which is completely different, and keep trying to achieve a positive result.

Of course, this flawless technique works amazingly when comparing other mediation or any manifestation methods that you have tried before in your life.

Here you can discover the unique way to meditate that will help to deliver million-dollar results. Infact, the technique is simple to follow because it comes with unique sounds and frequencies to realign your brain waves and stays focus on your goals.

The author has completely explained it in 9 modules and the audio tracks to make you understand easily.

List of Modules you can find inside of this program.

Module 1: Introduction – How to use GS

Module 2: The Inception Point Of Success.

Module 3: Rules of the mind

Module 4: Mind Conditioning for Abundance

Module 5: Rewrite your subconscious mind now

Module 6: You must feel you already have it

Module 7: Sensory Emotional Acceleration

Module 8: Brain Waves

Module 9: The Meditation Script

What’s Inside The Genie Script?

So this is what you’ll get by enlisting in The Genie Script:

A. During these 10-minute meetings, Wesley instructs how to dominate his remarkable reflection methods. There are four (4. of these meetings consistently.

B. Video Training On The 5 Meditative States

The base of effective reflection is truly understanding the cycle. So in these preparation recordings, Wesley separates the 5 mind wave states (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma).

He likewise goes inside and out into each state’s advantages and when to place yourself into each state to see the best outcomes.

C. Admittance To Wesley’s Private Facebook Community

Wesley created a private Facebook group where people can come together to keep each other accountable. This can be a great place to share challenges and victories and connect with others.

Benefits you can get from Genie Script

Genie Script is an easy-to-use program that’s filled with unique techniques and the secrets to reprogramming your mind effortlessly. It has 9 modules that will help you understand the facts and allow you to get some clarity to move towards your dreams.Q:

Genie Script is an amazing new resource for you. With it, you can tap into your intuition and start listening for the deeper meaning of your life. You can also use it to make significant changes in your life.

Genie Script is an amazing program that reprograms your mind to be more open, productive and creative. You can listen to the Mp3 audio track to reprogram your mind deeply without diversion. If you are not happy with Genie Script, you can send a money refund request to customer support to get back all your invested money.


Bonus #1: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track
Bonus #2: Kundalini Touch Exercise
Bonus #3: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Bonus #4: Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios

Final Thoughts

Even though life requires people to combat the challenges they face, it would be best to be in a clear state of mind. It is challenging to accomplish a clear state of mind unless with the help of meditation. Using the Genie Script, you will reprogram your mind and master the unique art of meditation to change your life for the better.

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