Kerassentials : Our Honest Reviews – Scam or Not ?

What Is Kerassentials?

Kerassentials is a high-quality formula with powerful oils, minerals, and other natural ingredients that fight nail problems resulting from fungi, eliminate itchiness and improve nail health.

The manufacturer claims that Kerassentials deals with stubborn fungus and provides an anti-fungus protective barrier on your nails to prevent the regrowth of mutated fungus.

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How Does Kerassentials Work?

Kerassentials utilizes the power of several essential oils, minerals, and other natural ingredients to eliminate and prevent fungal growth on your nails. These ingredients also prevent itchiness and foul smell that comes as a result of fungal infection.

Keraessentials formula contains 5% of Undecylenic acid, a fatty acid with fungus-fighting benefits. Although available in small quantities, it’s powerful enough to protect your nails against fungal infection and itchines.

Kerassentials ingredients have antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other healing and protective qualities ideal for fighting fungal infections and other irritations that result from fungus growth.

It also contains moisturizing ingredients that leave your nails looking healthy and well-maintained. Moisture also prevents dryness, breakage, and brittle nails.


Kerassentials Ingredients

Kerassentials contains a blend of natural ingredients, including lavender oil, organic flaxseed oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, and other compounds.

Here are all of the ingredients in Kerassentials and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Lavender Oil: Kerassentials contains lavender oil to protect nail keratin, support the nails and skin, and fight against strong fungus, among other benefits. Lavender oil is a natural oil sourced from the lavender plant, and it’s been used for centuries in topical treatments, traditional medicine, and in other health and wellness solutions.

Organic Flaxseed Oil: Kerassentials contains organic flaxseed oil to boost your skin’s natural immunity and help with inflammation. In fact, the makers of Kerassentials describe organic flaxseed oil as “superfood for your skin.” It targets oxidation and inflammation within your skin, helping to support healthy levels of inflammation. Your body uses inflammation to fight disease, illness, and infection. However, too much inflammation can be a bad thing – especially if you’re dealing with a chronic fungus infection.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has strong antifungal properties and helps to curb fungus growth, according to the manufacturer of Kerassentials. Used for centuries in health and wellness applications, tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties make it popular in skin care products, hair products, and more.

Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass oil “prevents future infection,” according to the makers of Kerassentials. Many people with nail fungus issues experience repeated infections because they don’t address the root cause of the nail fungus. Kerassentials aims to help by acting as an efficient antifungal and helping with inflammation.

Aloe Vera: Kerassentials contains aloe vera to soothe and moisturize the skin. Prized for its skin benefits for centuries, aloe vera also has strong antifungal effects, according to the makers of Kerassentials. The natural compounds in aloe vera can help fight nail fungus and other skin issues.

Vitamin E: Kerassentials contains a stabilized form of vitamin E in the form of DL-alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E is one of nature’s best antioxidants, and studies show it can protect the skin and prevent skin aging. The vitamin E in Kerassentials can help with inflammation while supporting anti-aging benefits, improving the appearance of your skin and nails. The makers of Kerassentials have not connected the ingredient with any specific anti-fungal benefits, but it can support skin health overall.

Isopropyl Palmitate: Isopropyl palmitate targets the root of the fungus within your skin and nails, helping to permanently remove the fungus from your body. It also assists with clearing your skin and growing healthy nails, among other benefits.

Undecylenic Acid: Kerassentials contains undecylenic acid, a beneficial fatty acid for helping to prevent fungus and protect the nails, among other effects.

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  • Kerassentials eliminate nail fungus and itchiness.
  • It keeps the nails fresh and healthy.
  • Kerassentials contain natural ingredients and don’t pose any risk of side effects.
  • Kerassentials have no age limits.
  • It helps new nails grow, free of fungus and other infections.


  • Results may differ from one individual to the other.

Kerassentials Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Kerassentials nail care oil is a potent blend of natural ingredients that are well tolerated by the body. Besides, several scientific studies have confirmed its efficacy and safety. You can find the related research and published reports on the website.
Kerassentials is an effective solution to treat nail fungus. However, the benefits extend much further. The Kerassentials reviews show, that continuous use of Kerassentials oil has been shown to regenerate skin, making it lustrous and healthy.

Kerassentials Pricing

Kerassentials is priced at $69 per bottle, although the price drops as low as $49 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down whenordering online today through

1 Bottle: $69 + Free US Shipping

3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping ($59 Per Bottle)

6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping ($49 Per Bottle)

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of Kerassentials, or around 30 days’ worth of applications. You apply the liquid formula to your skin 4 times per day (twice in the morning and twice at night) to eliminate fungus within days. To ensure long-term protection and prevent the return of fungus, the manufacturer recommends using Kerassentials long-term.

Final Word

Kerassentials is a doctor-formulated liquid tincture designed to target the root cause of nail fungus and prevent fungus from ever returning.

Featuring a blend of undecylenic acid with natural herb and plant oils, Kerassentials can target fungal growth, support the keratin in your nails, and support overall skin health, among other benefits.

To learn more about Kerassentials or to buy the fungus fighting tincture online today,visit the official website at

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